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Advanced Chrome 54.20.6530.0

Windows XP Chromium

Contrary to popular belief, Windows XP is far from dead. Google officially dropped support for Chrome at version 49, but the discouragement did not stop third-party developers! Advanced Chrome 54 by TaoKaiZen backports Chromium features from versions 51 and some parts of versions 54 and 48! This custom build of Chromium holds features available in Google Chrome 49 such as enabling Java and Silverlight.

Features of Advanced Chrome 54:
Compatible with Windows XP
Compatible with Chromium extensions
Chromium 48, 51, and 54 backported to Windows XP
Improved download system.
Not vulnerable versus Meltdown and Spectre.
Built for stability and compatibility.
DirectWrite can be disabled using chrome://flags
Disabled Blurry fonts created by DirectWrite and Skia.
Enabled NPAPI, this version runs JAVA and Silverlight.
Stable WebKit / Blink.
All Chrome stock features working

Windows XP SP2 or later

**Many newer Chromium alternatives exist for the Windows XP operating system! I would advise giving 360 Chrome (Chromium 69), Maxthon 5 (Chromium 69), UC Browser (Chromium 55), or Cốc Cốc (Chromium 53) a try!
**Advanced Chrome 54 appears to have an issue with youtube layout (lacks Polymer v2 support)! To fix this, spoof the web browser to Firefox 52.


Unfortunately, Advanced Chrome can't stream HTML5 video.

Certificate errors are present. I would advise MyPal instead.
AQW on Windows XP