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360 Extreme Explorer Chrome Browser

360 Extreme Explorer Chrome Browser

Chromium 86 has arrived onto the Windows XP platform thanks to the Qihoo company! 360Chrome, also known as 360 Extreme Browser, does a wonderful job bringing Chromium into the legacy user's hands. Along with basic fixes of newer Chromium versions comes security and performance improvements. Thanks to MSFN user  Humming Owl, telemetry has been further removed. This special samaritan has implemented Ungoogled Chrome conditions to further improve our privacy with this web browser. Use at your own risk!

**Patched into English by Humming Owl
**Ungoogled security ported by Humming Owl
**Chromium 86 backported onto Windows XP (version 13.0.2250.0)
**Chromium 78 backported onto Windows XP (version 12.0.1053.0)
**Chromium 69 backported onto Windows XP (version 11.0.2251.0)
**Customizable themes
**Improved codec support
**Security enhancements
**Stock Chrome features
...and more!

Windows 2000 SP4 w/ Blackwingcat's KernelEx (version 11.0.2251.0 only; requires root updates)
Windows XP SP3 or later

Chromium 360 browser may block many western website certificates. Install certificate updates to fix this issue.

360EE_13.0.2250.0_Modified.7z (50 MB)