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Intel 945GM Display Driver for Windows 98

Intel GMA 900/950 Driver for Windows 98/ME
Interestingly, Intel's deprecation of Windows 98 appears to be more or less artificial in the ICH7 chipset family. This very driver allows Windows 98 to properly display the 945GM Express Chipset Family! However, this driver must be installed manually because of the program's artificial OS blocker! Be sure to follow the instructions given in the description.

Windows 98 can now run on 2006-era laptops!
Utilize Intel Core Solo (Yonah), Duo (Yonah), and Core 2 Duo (Merom) CPU's!
Improved video card performance for Windows 98
...and more!

-Windows 98/98SE/ME
-Installed ICH7 Chipset Drivers by LoneCrusader
-DirectX 9

1) Unzip files into a folder
2) Go to Windows logo taskbar button
3) Enter "Control Panel"
4) Make sure Classic View is on (if using ME)
5) Select "System"
6) Go to the "Hardware" tab
7) Select "Device Manager"
8) Go to "Display adapters"
9) Select the standard display driver
10) Go to the "Driver" tab
11) Select reinstall driver and direct to the folder with extracted files
12) Enjoy!

Compatible Displays:
Intel(R) 855GM Chipset
Intel(R) 852GM Chipset
Intel(R) 855GME Chipset
Intel(R) 852GME Chipset
Intel(R) 910GL Express Chipset
Intel(R) 915GV Express Chipset
Intel(R) 945G Express Chipset
Mobile Intel(R) 915GM Express Chipset
Mobile Intel(R) 910GML Express Chipset
Mobile Intel(R) 915GMS Express Chipset
Intel(R) 915G Chipset
Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset - GMA 950 is one example

Hardware Supported:
Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller

-You must install the driver manually from device manager and directed into the Windows 2000 folder because the driver installer's program has an artificial OS block for Windows 9x!
-LoneCrusader's INF files MUST be installed on the hard disk and whatever IDE controllers are present! If you fail to do this, Windows 98/ME will be stuck on the default resolution and 16 colors until otherwise!
-Driver does NOT support 3D acceleration it appears; attempting to play 3D games displays a glitched screen.


The INF Chipset must be installed first!