Maxthon 5 Browser

Chromium 69 web browser for Windows XP/Vista
Maxthon 5 Cloud Browser by the Chinese company Maxthon Ltd brings the impossible onto Windows XP. Maxthon 5 is a Chromium 69-based web browser that works perfect on both Windows XP and Vista systems. The hard work of Maxthon Ltd has paid off to bring the enjoyment of smooth web browsing onto legacy systems! However, beware that most XP-friendly Chromium browsers have a tendency of mismatching SSL's and result in being blocked out of a webpage!

Chromium 69 backported to Windows XP/Vista
Customizable themes
Maxnote - favorites
Passkeeper - keep all passwords on hand!
Security improvements
Upgraded HTML5 rendering
...and more!

Windows XP SP3 or later