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Universal VESA/VBE Video Driver for Win9x

Video driver for Windows 9x on modern hardware

The VBEMP 9x Universal VESA/VBE Video Display Driver for Windows 95/98/ME provides convenient support on modern hardware! This is probably the best universal display driver for Windows 9x because of lack of alternatives. Now, no Windows 9x dual-boot will be forced to be stuck on 16 colors and a limited resolution! However, the only drawback is driver lacks OpenGL and D3D support. So no hardware acceleration! But there should be no problems running DOSBox!

Windows 95, 98, 98SE or ME

Compatible with Windows 95/98/98SE/ME

Compatible with most video cards
32-bit color on any capable computer
No more 16-color limitation
Alternative VMWare display driver


Latest system updates installed

1. Unzip the files into a folder
2. Go to Start Menu
3. Enter Control Panel
4. Click on System
5. Go to Device Manager
6. Find unknown device for Display
7. Update driver
8. Direct to a folder containing the files. Select the appropriate folder for your card.

This driver does not support OpenGL or D3D!
No hardware acceleration is available!

Notes: The driver version provided is 2014.02.14
Further details about these drivers can be read here