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Firefox 3.6.28 for Windows NT 4.0

Web Browser for Windows NT 4.0
Thank you to roytam1! Firefox has come onto the Windows NT 4.0 platform! NT 4.0's browsing options are very limited, so Firefox 3.6 is likely the best choice! Even in 2018 websites render fantastically under this browser from 2010! Not bad at all for eight years! However, roytam1 has mentioned the browser may need a bit of work in "graphics", so use at your own risk! This browser is experimental!

Features of Firefox 3.6.28:
Built-in support for Personas (browser Graphical user interface themes)
Check and notification of out-of-date plugins
Full-screen playback of Theora video
Support for the WOFF open web font format
Plug-in directory lockdown: Plugins may only to be installed using a .xpi file, not through mere copying to the Firefox plugin directory. This breaks older plugins such as the Java Runtime Environment before 6 Update 15, net framework before 1.2.
Many performance improvements

Windows NT 4.0 or later