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K-Meleon 74 Windows 9x Edition!

Web Browser for Windows 98
Thank you roytam1! A modern web browser for Windows 98/98SE/ME! K-Meleon 74 contains a modern Goanna 2.2 engine to render web pages, much more modern than Opera 10.63! K-Meleon is a giant step forward of six years! K-Meleon has its own User-Agent-changer to disguise itself as other web browsers, no more artificial blocks with this gem! Firefox extensions too can be manually installed onto K-Meleon.

Beware, this browser is not exactly the most stable but renders pages far better than any other alternative 9x-compatible browser. Installing a task manager will be needed to close the browser in case of freezes! Disabling javascript will help prevent many of these issues.

Natively compatible with Windows 2000
Goanna 2.2 engine
"Tabbed" Browsing
Mouse Gestures
Complete Toolbar, Menu, Context Menu, & Keyboard Shortcut Customization
Block Popup Windows
Themes & Skins
Option to enable/disable javascript
User-agent string (spoof web browser)
...and much more!
    Windows 98 or later
    KernelEx Updates Here
    Real-mode DOS enabled (Windows ME only)

    1gb ram
    Pentium III+
    Sysinternals Process Explorer

    1) Unzip file
    2) Right-click k-meleon.exe
    3) Click properties
    4) Select compatibility
    5) Set KernelEx to Windows 2000 SP4 compatibility!!
    6) Enjoy! Don't forget to disable hardware acceleration and javascript to sustain stability.

    The 4.5.2016.17 KernelEx Updates have been causing a security component problem on Windows 9x! To avoid this, use the latest version of the updates!!
    Incorrect SQL version is reported to break the ability to make bookmarks!


    Works wonderfully with old flash applications!
    Caution: Reddit requires Javascript turned off!
    Not capable of rendering youtube videos