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The legendary Rloew (Rudolph Loew) created Windows 9x upgrades that Microsoft itself could never do. His legacy has left the community with a countless amount of patches that will modernize any Windows 9x system and make any old PC usable in even 2020! Because finding an archive containing all of rloew's patches was not super easy, a bundle here is compiled. It's a blessing that Rloew's son has decided to make patches public and even release the source code. Enjoy and use!

Patches Included:
- ACHI Driver 3.0
- CD Tools
- DLL Hook (System API Hooker)
- File64
- File64W (Unicode)
- File64XP
- High Capacity Disk Patch 5.3 (HCDP)
- High Capacity Disk Patch 5.3a (PATCHATA)
- IO8 Decompresser
- Kernel32 2gb Bug Patch 1.4 (Kernel32)
- Kickwork 1.3 (For Amiga 1000 only!!!)
- 1TB Patch (allows VFat.VXD driver to properly handle partitions above 1TB)
- Encrypted Disk Patch 2.0 (PATCHENC)
- Ram Patch 7.2 (PATCHMEM)
- Non-DOS Partitition Corruption Patch (PATCHPAR)
- CD/DVD Drive Size Patch 0.1 - correctly report size of disk larger than 2gb
- NVIDIA Graphics Card Size Patch 3.0 - Allows 512MB cards on Windows 9x
- SATA Driver 1.1a (PTCHSATA)
- HIMEMEX Non-XMS Ramdisks 2.0
- Repacker
- Rloew Electronics Disk Partitioning Utility (RFDISK and RFDISKD)
- Rloew Disk Formatting Utility 1.8 (RFORMAT/RFORMATD)
- Shell32 Extender 1.0
- Slipstream Tools 1.3 + Update 1.4
- Terabyte Plus Package 3.0 (TBPLUS) - Up to 32768TiB usable on Windows 9x (16TiB for USB drives!)
- DOS DISK/FAT32 TRIM 1.3 - Send TRIM commands to SSD Drives
 and reuse memory properly
- USB - USB Driver for Windows 98
- Windows Driver Model API Extender 0.3 (WDMEX)
- XFILE - Provides ability to list, copy, move, exchange, delete, or perform scripts on files with wildcards and other selection options.

Windows 95/98/ME
**Unicode XP requires Windows XP!!
**Kickwork 1.3 is for the Amiga 1000 only!

**The source code for many of Rloew's projects can be found on his formal website!
**Instructions to install each patch are included in their zip file
**For best results, install the NTFS reader along with the patches for read/write access any NTFS partition. You can read blu-ray on Windows 9x with a proper blu-ray driver and emulating 64-bit files!

Rloew Collection (3.8 MB)