TCPMP 0.72RC1 Mod 6

The Core Pocket Media Player for Windows 95/98/ME

The Core Pocket Media Player is an MP4 player for Windows 95/98/ME that was far ahead of its time. This media player will launch on Vanilla Windows 98/ME perfectly with crystal clear audio. Other versions of TCPMP online lack the ability to play MP4 AAC Audio due to being removed in an earlier version. But, it's time to say good-bye to the constant problems of playing MP4 on Windows 9x! Give thanks to Roytam1 for preserving and tweaking software that was nearly lost to time!

*Compatible with MP3, MP4, FLAAC, FLV, AVI, AC3 and many formats
*MP4 Player for Windows 95/98/ME
*Low CPU Usage
*Clear Video
*The Best Vanilla Windows 9x Media Player!
*Customizable Video Speed
*Adjustable Video Quality
*Subtitles Available
*Audio Output Options Available
*Tracks Available
*Usable for youtube streaming

Windows 98 or later (Main Build)
Windows 95 or later (Roytam1's Build)

1) Unzip file
2) Go to mod6>tcpmp-mod>player.exe
3) Launch and enjoy! Be sure to select your file!

For Windows 95 Users:
**Under "Play," set video to "GDI," this video render setting will allow MP4's to be played perfectly on even systems with 128 MB of ram!

Components: (2.5 MB)


Small decoding problems may occur with very large files (default video setting)!Wsx3hSpZ!k45K2unqBzNk_2ag7HY_FQJ0KrQR16ftszQDUtooYlg