Universal ATA Driver

Universal PATA/SATA/ACHI Driver

Tired of slightly newer motherboards preventing you from installing your favorite operating system? Well say no more! Simply use this SATA driver to enjoy even Windows NT 3.51 on newer hardware! Just be sure to use accessories and components that have compatible drivers! No more blue screens of death just because the manufacturer refuses to provide a driver themselves! Take control of your PC and enjoy; the way you want it!

-DMA/UDMA support (up to ATA-133) on known and generic DMA on unknown controllers.
-128gb+ hard drive support.
-2TB+ hard drive support.
-SATA, SATA-2, and SATA-3.
-AHCI rev. 0.95 - 1.30 support.
-Support of contiguous set of modes UDMA0-UDMA6.
-Support of  many IDE controllers and generic ATA/ATAPI.
-No reinstall required for migrating to different IDE controller or motherboard.
-Change data transfer mode (PIO/DMA/UDMA) on the fly.
-Tweaking of cache, transfer modes and many other registry settings.
-List of bad/unreliable blocks, to prevent driver from treating HDD but return error immediately.
-NEW SCT Command Transport support (used by smartmontools)
-Hot swap for IDE devices under OSes prior older than Windows 2000

-Windows NT3.51/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/ReactOS

1. Unzip files into folder.
2. Search for a readme file. Ensure the file matches your operating system!
3. Follow given instructions!

-This SATA driver does not support RAID!
-Driver does NOT support Windows 9x! You will need this [link to be added] driver instead!
-This driver should be implementable through nLite or NTLite, if desired to make a fresh installation with bundled drivers.

BusMaster_v47a (200KB)

[To be added]