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Roytam1 Browser Installer

Roytam1 Browser Downloader

The Unofficial Roytam1 Browser Installer by i430VX provides a convenient way to download your favorite XP-compatible web browsers! i430VX, a well-known Windows 9x enthusiast was kind to provide us this blessing! His custom installer will allow any PC to reach out to the internet and download any one of Roytam1's browsers without browsing the internet! Enjoy your favorite custom version of Palemoon, K-Meleon, Serpent/BOC,  and no-SSE2 Firefox!

-Five roytam1 browsers available for download on the go!
-Includes no SSE2 versions (friendly with CPU's older than Pentium 4!)
-Install multiple browsers in a single session!
-Friendly with older computers!

-Windows XP SP3 or later

1. Run the RoyTam Browser Installer.exe
2. Follow the command prompt and enter the proper number for your desired web browser!
3. Sit back and relax for installation!

RoyTam Browser Installer.exe (2.20 MB)

**Offical download available here
**i430VX's website and youtube