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Palemoon 26.5 for Windows 2000

Windows 2000 has lacked modern browsing options for years, but now that wait has ended! With Palemoon 26.5 backported, users no longer need to tweak their Windows 2000 systems with an unofficial kernel extension! Now vanilla Windows 2000 users can surf the internet all they want! Thank you so much for backporting Goanna 2.2 onto Windows 2000, roytam1! :)

Features of Palemoon:
-Improved codec support.
-Specifically optimized for current processors. This browser will not run on particularly old systems.
-Increased stability: experience fewer crashes.
-Support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and Canvas.
-Support for many Firefox Extensions (add-ons) as a compatibility feature.
-Support for a growing number of Pale Moon specific Extensions.
-Offering low-level API access to extension developers to truly extend browser features.
-Support for Personas ("lightweight" themes).
-Support for Complete Themes.
-CSS Downloadable Font support (including WOFF and WOFF2).
-Extended HTML5, CSS3 and advanced DOM support.
-Speedy scripting and page rendering.
-Optimized, secure networking.
-Graphical tab switching with quick-search (user-selectable).
-More customization options for navigation controls and the tab strip than other modern browsers.
-Enhanced security indicators (padlock/styling).
-More options for recovery (safe mode dialog).

Windows 2000 SP4 or later

1. Unzip
2. Open and enjoy!


No other browser is capable of youtube on Vanilla Windows 2000!
Modern websites work once again :)