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Windows XP 128GB Ram Patch

Thank you Dibya! With this PAE patch, Windows XP is no longer constrained to accessing 4gb of ram! 32-bit Windows XP can now access up to 128gb of ram thanks to Dibya's kernel patch which has enabled PAE! However, it's highly recommended you back-up your system in case! Windows XP SP1 originally supported 128gb of ram until Microsoft had implemented a limit due to potential hardware instability it could've caused at the time! If all fails, then try this patch instead!

Use up to 128gb of ram
Enhanced experience of Windows

32-bit Windows XP SP3
SSE2 Processor

All latest system updates for XP installed
Install a RAMDisk that boots before Windows to prevent any problems!

1. Disable system file protection! If you fail to do this, this can corrupt Windows!!
2. Place contents of the "For System32" folder
into C:\WINDOWS\system32; Replace .exe and .dll
files in System32
3. Enter "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers", copy contents
of "For Drivers" folder (all .sys files) to the dictionary 
4. Enabling PAE:
Click the start menu, then run (alternatively
pressing win + r). Type "C:\boot.ini" then add
"\PAE" at the very end of the last line of text.
SAVE the file!
This is what the boot.ini file should look like!
4. Reboot!
Your system should be able to recognize beyond 4gb of ram!
-The ram patch may not work on VirtualBox despite working on VMWare. 
-Errors may occur during installation of newer drivers after restart (newer drivers come as part of the files). Always backup your XP system before installing any unofficial patches!

-Do not update your system after installing the ram patch! The system files are reported to be outdated, so updates will overwrite the files.
-DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE NLITE WITH THIS PATCH! The operation is NOT supported and may corrupt the system!