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Updated Windows XP ACPI.sys

Windows XP ACPI.sys

The ACPI.sys (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) file is a requirement of all Windows XP installations for those who want their computers to have proper power management! Without the ACPI file, computers cannot properly restart or even shut down. Over the internet, several independent developers have established their own updated ACPI.sys versions for newer computers. These files are essential to installing Windows XP on newer motherboards due to ACPI issues.

-Updated ACPI.sys file (potential 0x000000A5 error fix!)
-Windows XP compatibility on newer Intel and AMD computers
-Compatible up to Z390 boards (daniel_k's file; recommended to use!!)
-Compatible with Coffee Lake motherboards (daniel_k's)
-Compatible with Ryzen and Skylake Systems ("Longhorn" file only confirmed)
-Updated compatibility with Haswell HP systems (Dietmar's file)

-Windows XP SP3 or Windows XP x64 Edition

1) Obtain desired ACPI.sys file.
2) Obtain a Windows XP iso.
3) Extract contents of the Windows XP iso into a folder.
4) Enter the i386 folder, replace the ACPI_SY_ file with the one provided. Make sure the file name is the same as the original, otherwise your Windows XP installation won't work!
5) Use WinUSBtoBoot 1.8 to compile a USB installation media. If using another program that requires an ISO, find an ISO-making program, compile an ISO with contents of Windows XP folder, then setup media!
6) Boot up and enjoy!

Create CAB Files (replace stock XP CD installation files):
1) Find cabmaker 1.4.
2) Select desired replacement file.
3) Ensure you select LZX compression and rename file to "ACPI_SY_"

4) Replace stock file with new file in i386 folder.

-A general heads-up with Windows XP on newer hardware: Windows XP may not properly see all the ram on the board and can end up limited with only 2gb of ram. It's certainly unknown if the 128gb or 64gb patches fix the issue.
-These ACPI files may not work on a Dell with Haswell or later.
-In general, if a computer cannot run even Windows 7 because of ACPI issues, XP likely won't work either.
-Pressing F5 during installation, then selecting "ACPI PC" may help installation after including the ACPI.sys file onto the Windows XP CD.
-While integrating with NLite, disable file protection! If you fail to disable file protection, then this ACPI.sys file will not work!

Known Bugs:
-SkullTrail's ACPI.sys file may not work with every power-related function.

-ACPI One Core (daniel_k) - December 14, 2019 build
-DK_ACPI XP 2003 32-Bit and 64-Bit Z370 Z390 Coffee Lake MOD 10-10-2019.zip
-ACPI One Core (SkullTrail)
-ACPI One Core (Dietmar) [Obsolete, not recommended]

An experimental run of Windows XP w/ Dietmar's file on an HP Pavilion 23-q127c.

ACPI itself runs fine on the PC, but the chipset and/or video drivers are not stable. Windows 7 will work perfectly on the Haswell PC though. Vista is untested.